Wednesday, September 27, 2006

About John Dougall

Having skied since the age of two and having two ski instructors as parents, it was natural that one day John would become bored with skiing. However, rather than quit skiing, John tried a new involvement in mountain life and became a ski model, working for some of Whistlers' finest ski photographers

Powder Skiing Photography by John Dougall After several years of appearing in photo-shoots and films, John took things to the next level and began to stand on the other side of the camera. He started what he calls "Downhill Biathlon", wherein he uses downhill skis instead of cross country skis and a camera in place of a gun. He skis ahead of his subject and takes candid shots from unobtrusive places, often unseen by the subject. John has worked with a number of high-level skiers and snowboarders and his approach to ski photography allows the athletes to enjoy their working day more, and gave movie directors and magazine editors more material to work with.

This unique technique became a huge success and soon John found himself working for Greg Stump, (second to Waren Miller in ski film sales) and Mike Hatchett (producer of the most successful snowboard films ever). Being bilingual, John has worked with French and Swiss French snowboarders such as Guilluame Chastagnol(5th in the 1998 Olympics in Nagano, Japan), Jean Baptiste Charlet (11th at Nagano, and winner of many European events), Cyril Neri (winner of the Verbier Extreme, 1998) and Terji Hakkonsen (possibly the best snowboarder ever). John has worked with these subjects at venues ranging from Nothern Sweden to Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Eastern Europe, Japan, Argentina, and in North America at Mt. Hood and Whistler.
He has also worked with Doug Coombs(Powder Magazine cover, 2006 and 2 times world extreme champion)and world extreme champions Chris Davenport and Shane Mc Conkey.

Steep and Deep by John Dougall John worked for a number of the major European film directors. Also, for Salomon, John produced marketing and trade show videos and directed and produced a prime-time TV commercial. After eight years of freelancing in Europe, John returned to Canada.

Downhill Biathlon now became a tool John would use in the Cat-skiing industry. John skis with cat skiing clients and takes candid photos as guests ski. He works almost unseen and does not interrupt the natural flow of the day's skiing. John introduced his Downhill Biathlon technique to Chatter Creek Cat skiing and set up a very successful ski photography program for them, and trained an apprentice photographer

Guests review the photos of the day in the evenings and may purchase high quality glossy 8x10 or 5x7 inch prints of selected shots, or collections of photos on CD ROM. John attempts to provide multiple action photographs of every guest. John's ski photography makes a wonderful souvenier of a cat skiing tour.

After 2 seasons with Island Lake Snowcat Skiing, John moved in 2005 to Chatter Creek, near Golden, and he went "digital". The low cost and quick "turnaround" of digital photography allowed John to shoot an unlimited number of photos, and provide results almost immediately. Chatter Creek's guests could not get enough of his work.
Ski Photographer John Dougall
John says,
"I do not consider myself a sports photographer but someone who documents people's personal best".

John has extensive experience photographing skiers and snowboarders and has provided adventure and action photography for many clients.

The following are collages of some of Johns ski photography. The subjects are cat skiing clients and guides. We also include other photography by John Dougall showing various mountain scenery.

The ski photography shown below is the property of photographer John Dougall. Please respect John's copyright over this material. If you wish to purchase John's ski photography, kindly contact him by email.

John also displays a collection of his photograpy on the heliskiing and cat skiing directory.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

John Dougall photographs high fliers at La Grave, France
High flying near La Grave, France, cat skiing photographer, John Dougall directs traffic and takes photos from the road on the very last pitch of the col du Galibier. This is where cyclist, Lance Armstrong has for years started to take his enormous leads grinding up these steep hills in the Tour de France. In a former life, John lived a few miles from here.

Powder skiing photography by John Dougall In this life, John takes professional ski photos of cat skiing guests. For many more recent ski photos by John, follow this link to John's other photo gallery at cat skiing and heliskiing directory.

John's ski photos make great momentos of powder skiing trips, not to mention being a bit of an ego booster hanging on the office wall.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Ski Partners at Chatter Creek
Skiing with a buddy is 'de rigor' in the trees at Chatter Creek. Ski partners Crichton and Dave seem to 'have it together', However, Scott from Jay Peak seems to be having trouble keeping up with his wife, Susan. In fact, it looks like she's run him down. Thanks to John Dougall for bringing us of these powder skiing moments.

Vertebrae Ridge and a bowl in the Kitchen Range
Two John Dougall photographs of Moutain scenery and cat skiing terrain in the Canadian Rocky mountains. On the left of the image is Vertebrae Ridge. Behind this ridge, at its northern extremidy lies the Vertebrae glacier. On the right of the image is the Clamsell, a bowl on the east slope of the Kitchen Range. To the west, beyond this ridge, the cat skiing terrain extends almost to Kinbasket Lake.

Scroll down to see more ski photography by John Dougall.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Cat Skiing in the Enchanted forest on East Ridge at Chatter Creek - a John Dougall photo
It's Fall, and time to dream a little about powder skiing in deep uncut snow. Scroll down to browse over some of John Dougall's ski photography from cat skiing near Golden BC. For more ski photos from Chatter Creek, check out the Chatter News Photo Journal, and the links at the top of this page. This shows a Chatter Creek guest skiing in the Enchanted Forest, an old burn on the East Ridge.

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Friday, July 15, 2005

Snowcats and Cat Skiers and Cat Boarders at Chatter CreekSnowboarders, skiers, snowcats and powder snow go well together. Having John Dougall around to record it all is a great "touch".

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Tree skiing and skiing interesting features at Chatter Creek cat skiing A pair of guests skiing in a Chatter Creek forest glade and another skiing a feature on an open slope. John Dougall takes a wealth of photos of Chatter's guests. It's easy for most guests to find a really good one to take home.
  Feb, 2005                           © John Dougall

Friday, July 08, 2005

Professional Ski Photography by John Dougall John Dougall ski photos of a guest skiing on Anticipation Peak at MCO (we think) and of Chatter Creek mountain guide, Andrew Prosser, skiing somewhere among the tree tops. The latter might be somewhere on East Ridge. John's ski photos make a great momento for the office wall.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Pete Tashman and Ken Black at Chatter Creek Cat SkiingChatter Creek guides Pete Tashman and Ken Black. All in a day's work. Ski photos by John Dougall.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

While John has a knack of capturing our better moments on skis and snowboards, he also captures our lapses. One of the joys of powder skiing is that the landings are very soft.
Ski Photos by John Dougall

Chatter Creek Snowcat Skiing   Feb, 2005              © John Dougall

Friday, May 27, 2005

Chatter Creek Cat Skiing Terrain
The Gong Show, a large bowl near MCO, to the south of Vertebrae Lodge. John Dougall took this shot from Lodge Ridge. For a view of the eastern slope of the Gong Show, click here.      © John Dougall

Scroll down to view a collection of John Dougall ski photography.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Cat Skiing Photography by John Dougall
Chatter Creek Snowcat Skiing   Mar, 2005              © John Dougall

Chatter Creek Snowcat Skiing   Feb, 2005              © John Dougall

Shane Szocs Cat Skiing at Chatter Creek
Chatter Creek guest Shane Szocs playing in the Enchanted Forest.

Chatter Creek Snowcat Skiing Mar, 2005              © John Dougall

Saturday, April 09, 2005

John Dougall Ski Photography at Chatter Creek
Snowboarder Mike P has shared these great shots by John Dougall. Mike's third offering has been moved to the Chatter News. It's special! Thank's Mike! Can't you just taste that powder?

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Chatter Creek Snowcat Skiing Mar., 2005              © John Dougall

Chatter Creek guides Andrew Prosser and Pete Tashman.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Ski Photography by John Dougall
Chatter Creek Snowcat Skiing   Feb, 2005       © John Dougall

We thought this shot by John Dougall was something special!. It shows cat driver, ski patroller and tail guide, Dave Healey following Monique through a skiff of powder. Great shot, John!

Powder Skiing and Snowboarding at Chatter Creek
Sonja from Switzerland and John Kindree from Whistler

Chatter Creek Snowcat Skiing   Feb, 2005              © John Dougall

Cat Skiing at Chatter Creek
Chatter Creek guide, Todd Nunn on Super Spruce and Alex Orr from Whistler in Harbourview.

Chatter Creek Snowcat Skiing   Feb, 2005              © John Dougall

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Ski Terrain at Chatter Creek
A shot of Anticipation Peak by John Dougall. This is the back side of MCO. Click on any Chatter News photo to enlarge it. Use the browser's "Back" button to return.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Snowboarding at Chatter Creek
Chatter Creek Snowcat Skiing Jan 30, 2005              © John Dougall

Powder Skiing at Chatter Creek Snowcat Skiing
Chatter Creek Snowcat Skiing Jan 30, 2005              © John Dougall

Ladies Powder Skiing at Chatter Creek
Sonja from Squamish and Erin from Montreal
Chatter Creek Snowcat Skiing Jan 30, 2005              © John Dougall

Powder Skiing at Chatter Creek Chris Underwood from Vancouver. Classic!
Chatter Creek Snowcat Skiing Jan 30, 2005              © John Dougall

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Mountain Scenery by John Dougall
Mount Columbia and the Continental Divide as viewed from Chatter Creek's Vertebrae Glacier. To the right, the skyline rises to the Snow Dome which is just out of the photograph. The Snow Dome is the hydrographic apex of North America. Water from this point flows into three oceans. The Snow Dome is also the source of the Columbia Icefield and the Athabaska Glacier..                     © John Dougall

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Monday, January 10, 2005

Ski Guides at Chatter Creek
Chatter Creek Snowcat Skiing Jan 10, 2005              © John Dougall

Chatter Creek Snowcat Skiing Jan 10, 2005              © John Dougall

Ski Photos by John Dougall
Chatter Creek Snowcat Skiing Jan 10, 2005              © John Dougall

Snowcat skiing terrain at Chatter Creek
South Side snowcat skiing terrain at Chatter Creek. Two shots by Chatter Creek photographer, John Dougall. For a better look at the Chatter Creek ski terrain, click this link to our Cat Skiing Terrain photo gallery.

Deep Powder at Chatter Creek
Chatter Creek Snowcat Skiing Jan 10, 2005              © John Dougall